How can i adjust reflection limits ?

As you see, it starts too late and ends too early.

I’ve tired to drop a reflection actor to the scene and it didn’t help, also tried to play with the post process volume properties and still nothing happens.
How can this thing be modified ?

Screenspace reflections only reflect what the camera can see(Whats on screen). You can use a box reflection actor , that might help.

Thanks ! It makes sense now :slight_smile:

Also, in UDK i’ve used RenderTexture2D and it did the trick pretty easily, but it doesn’t work here, or am i doing it wrong ? can it be done with RenderTexture2D in UE4 ?

UE4 doesn’t have the 2D render to texture yet, the type you’d use for mirrors or floors. It’s something that will be added eventually.

I see, thanks.