How Can I add rust to my metal floor ? Not Vertex Painting or Decals ?

Hello. I want to ask for Your help. I have a metal floor material. I used it on big plane (without any vertex for vertex painting). I used a simple tileable texture.

How Can I add some detail to it like rust or dirt ? I tried to do it by decals but I couldn’t get nice results. Can You please give me some advice about what should I try ?

Thanks and Cheers !

You can try to use a Lerp node and mix 2 textures together with a texture plugged into the alpha that simulates dirt, use the same texture to change the roughness to get the dust/rust effect and you should get a nice result.


Thank You. This is doing pretty good job. But I wonder, do I have any other options ? Or something like that can be done only by lerp, decals and vertex painting ?