How Can I add Milliseconds to my simple countdown timer.

I created a simple UMG countdown that runs on adding to view port.
The countdown seconds timer has integer a value of 30.
It works great and just how I wanted it to But I want to add milliseconds to it to

Also I have this that counts up in Milliseconds But I cant seem to get it to count down from a set value.

Hi, you don’t need anything so complicated. When you want to start the countdown save the current game time Get Game Time Since Creation | Unreal Engine Documentation and everytime you want to update the text shown, just subtract the current game time from the time when you started the countdown. Then use FromSeconds which takes a time in seconds as input and will give you the days, hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds as output.

Or you can simply read the timer values since you’re already using it.

Thanks Everynone
I came up with this in the short term & it works, But your solution looks a lot cleaner and Im definitely going to try it :slight_smile:

chrudimer I missed your answer. But thats My kind of Language , Keeping things minimal .
I Will try :smiley:

Cant call that in UMG :frowning:

This Worked Like a charm:D And is absolutely perfect for what I wanted.
Thanks guys.
Leaving Solution here for others :wink: