How can I add an image sequence to a light function?

I have a looping image sequence that I want to apply to a spotlight.

I want to project the image sequence animation like a film or video projector would but using a spotlight

I have tried creating a spritesheet of the animation and using that with a flipbook and then connecting that to a light function material.

I am getting the following errors.
Error [SM5] Light function materials must be opaque.
Error [SM5] Function FlipBook: (Node TextureSample) MipBias is only supported in the pixel shader

Any help greatly appreciated -Thanks!


Bumping this in case anyone can help…?

Show us your material and a light function.

Would love to get a response too i cant figure it out…
Anyway here are some pics:

I have tried making it a separate material function and then calling it into the actual material but after i put the output to emmisive color the material function just shows the small error message

Any help is appreciated.

PS:sorry for bad english

The Flipbook node has a pin “Use Mip Bias …” which defaults to true. Use a bool to make it false and it works