How can I add a post process material to a local camera at run time?

How can I add a post process material to a local camera at run time? Preferably from a controller.

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I was able to grab the post process material array but it says that this is going to be removed in the future and not to use it. As such, still looking for suggestions.

Anyone from Epic want to weigh in on this? I’ve been waiting a few days between updates so as not so spam but still no luck.

Another 2 days, Another bump for visibility.

Given the lack or response, I think this might be impossible or posted in the wrong section. I’m still keeping it alive just for the fun of it though.

month mark. I shall bump again in 2 weeks time.

Here’s simple example:

  • Weight should be > 0 (1.0 for a single layer)
  • Follow Camera is a reference to Your camera
  • Event BeginPlay is Your event trigger
  • Material could be passed by reference too
  • The Warning is…eh, really old bug.
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Well, I’m only subscribed on “post process” tag, so got notified only today, when You, probably retagged the post.

I’m re-tagging this as a bug for the off chance that someone other than me might look at it :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome. I’ll give it a shot. Thanks for this. I had kinda given up as you could probable see from the comments.

This is not adding it is replacing. If this camera already has some materials applied, those materials would be replaced.

You can add too. For that you need to add new material to existing array of WeightedBlendables. (get and set)
But most people don’t know how to properly design PP materials so they can be blended together.