How can I achieve a lightbox look?

I’m using TwinMotion to render 2D images. I want to achieve a “lightbox” look as per image below.

But when I use glow the image disappears or is barely visible. Even with glow at 0.15%.
How can I achieve this look where the image is clearly visible while glowing?

in the material for the boxes, have the texture plugged into the base color pin, and have a white color plugged into the emissive pin. you can use a fresnel node to give you more of an outline look Using Fresnel in your Materials | Unreal Engine Documentation

Thank you for your answer.

I tried inputting the image into the color and a white texture into the glow section but the image still fades away when I increase the glow percentage.

The Fresnel option looks like what i need but I does not seem to exist in Twinmotion.

The closest i got was using the Neon 01 texture. Setting the image in the color and setting glow to 0.20%.