How can I access animation information using code?

Hi, I’m new with UE4. From the character code in C++, I want to play animations. I know there’s PlayMontage, but I need more info. Is there a way of querying how many frames an anim has? Is there a way to tell it to start playing an animation at a particular frame? Or since in montage you can label the sections of an animation, can I call PlayMontage starting at a particular label (section)? Can I query what frame the label is on? Can I query where a currently playing animation is at (say, from 0 → 1)? Can I play a blend space from c++, or just Montages?

Can anyone also point me in the direction of the right documentation to look at for this kind of thing?

Basically I’m doing a system where the player switches to different points of different animations, playing them at different rates, depending on his input; in order to achieve the desired effect.


EDIT: The file AnimInstance.h has some of the info but nothing about how to play an animation starting at a frame other than 0. Any ideas?

Check AnimationRuntime.h it should be there

I only see functions for blending poses in that file.

Looking closely at AnimInstance.h, I see ways of doing what I asked for. Although lion032 did not answer my question, at least it lead me to find the right file. Thanks!