How can all my spawed child actor have different colour substance inputs?

I cant see from the screenshots but I imagine your Dynamic Material instance is only one variable in one actor like your level blueprint or something. You need one Dynamic Material Instance for each well, instance, that you want to make a variation on the parameters thereof during runtime.

So the most intuitive thing to do is make that dynamc material instance be a variable on the blueprint class of the actor that has the mesh youre applying it to. that way each actor has their own dynamic material instance variable and its parameters can be altered independently of the others instead of all of them drawing from the same dynamic material instance and therefore all of them changing in the same way.

Dear all

Im slightly stuck , I am spawning 10 child actor from class then that child Im defining the colour of that children using data pulled from a data table then using that colour to do an input float substance node (see all attached images). Everything is work smoothly as everything time i play all the spawn children is the colour from the data table and my substance parameter because the rest of the material is correct and changing colour to only area i want to change but the problem is all of the spawned children are the same colour.

How can I script the functionality so that all spawned child actors have different colours from the data graph?