How can align mesh particles to the surface they emitted from?

Hello all,

I’m having trouble controlling the orientation of mesh particles I am emitting from a skel mesh. Orientation always seems to be affected by the camera to some degree, but I would like my mesh particles to align themselves to the face on the mesh they emitted from - is this possible? Thanks!

If you wish to align the particles to the face normal of the mesh you are emitting from, instead of the camera, I don’t know of a good way to do this currently.

Have you experimented with velocity alignment and the orientation of your mesh when you export it?

I.E. if you wish to have the mesh orientation perpendicular to the velocity direction, try exporting your mesh with the face normal aligned so it faces down the X axis, and then emit with a spherical velocity.

You’ll need to set your screen alignment to velocity in the required module.

Hi there, I thought about doing this but then there is a problem when the particle stops moving. It’s been confirmed by someone at Epic that there is a bug in the “orient mesh emitters” flag of the skel vert / surf loc module.

I might still try doing something like this as a test, but it’s still limited to only orienting one axis - in this case X along velocity…

I was thinking I might be able to emit other particles from the same mesh, but emit them from vertices instead of the face centres, then get the meshes Z or Y axis to aim at the nearest vert particle. Not sure if this is possible.

It’s one of those FX that seems quite simple to do in maya, but is a bit more involved in Cascade :slight_smile:

I spoke with our VFX programmer here, and currently we do not support facenormal alignment. It is a feature which could be added at some point but is most likely a long ways away.

I am sorry it’s not quite as easy to do as in Maya, we are always working to improve Cascade.

Thank you.

Please refer to my second answer above.

Thanks for the response homeRye. I will try a different approach for the time being.