How can Absolute World Position be used with Texture Coordinate?

I have created a moving lava texture using
a Texture Sample with
a Texture Coordinate (for tiling) and a Panner
plugged in to the UVs of the Texture Sample.

How can I make it so that the moving texture always tiles in world space?
The only answer I found was using Absolute World Position as the input
to the UVs of the Texture Sample. But I can’t find a way to use BOTH the
Texture Coordinate and the Absolute World Position.

Perhaps there is a different way of doing this that I’m not aware of.


Material Function - World Aligned Texture/Normal With offset & Rotation - Asset Creation - Unreal Engine Forums < that can help.

but you could basically just multiply the TCoordinate with an absolute world position.

First of all, you should have mentioned you are distorting your UV’s, that would have made things more clear.

You dont need the texture coordinate node with this setup, just change the U and V scalar parameters to a value you want.
(change the component mask next to the " Abs. world location node" to RG instead of RB)

Hi Luos. Thanks for the reply.
I tried multiplying the Absolute World Position with the Texture Coordinate before i plugged it into the UVs of the Texture Sample but that gave me a strange result.

Here is a screenshot of the material.

How can I implement the Absolute World Position with this?

Thank you Luos!
I’ll try it and let you know.

Thank you so much!
Sorry about not mentioning I was distorting the texture. I’m new to this.
You saved my life.

Glad it works :slight_smile:

Good luck with it all, and be sure to set my answer as " answered"