How can a plugin duplicate a map in unattended mode?

From c++, is there a way to duplicate a umap file in -unattended mode?

Currently the following command work fine when UE4Editor.exe is started without the “-unattended” flag

FAssetToolsModule& AssetToolsModule = FModuleManager::LoadModuleChecked<FAssetToolsModule>("AssetTools");
FString ObjectName = "147_04";
FString PackagePath = "/Game/Episodes/EP_147/147_Seq04";
UObject* Object = OurOwnLib::FindAssetByName("/Game/Maps/Templates/Sequence.Sequence");
FAssetData DefaultAsset(Object);
AssetToolsModule.Get().DuplicateAsset(ObjectName, PackagePath, DefaultAsset.GetAsset());


But when we run the same executable with the “-unattended” flag, then the file is shown as a