How building skybox use cubemap?

First determine:
I konw UE4 sky system.
‘BP_Sky_Sphere’ set sky image, ‘Light Source’ set light parameter.
It’s actually the material.

But, if I want sdkbox. How to do it?
(I have 6 image files)
I don’t need alternation of day and night.
No weather, just static images.

The other thing I know:
Add a cube model, ‘normal’ reversal / double side, but I don’t want to use models (Follow the player).

So…what’s the alternative?

There’s a skybox plugin as part of the engine now:

What I really mean is I like working alone, but I’m programmers. like photoshop is unskilled operation.
I see the plugin, it use a 360HDR image file.
If have six images, do not convert images (I can’t do it), have any way?


Apparently, this guy will show you:

To convert a cubemap to this spherical texture, you need a cubemap converter. Here is an online version:

Converts any version of cubemap to a spherical (or equirectangular) texture, which you then can use with the HDRI backdrop.

Thanks for everybody!