How are yall debugging blueprints while in playmode?

I am really frustrated right now, apparently the second you try to check out your blueprints to find the problem the controllers and headset stop responding. Not that they lose tracking, they just stop responding to input.

I have an issue that would be really easy to fix if I could figure out where the problem is happening in my blueprint by watching the graph and values.

I attached a widget to my hand and feed in log and event information to it during runtime since the “Print To Screen” node isn’t exactly friendly with VR.

is widget component working in VR now? Last time I tried it they just fly all over the place when I turn my head(on a DK2 with 0.8 runtime).(was a component attached to a spawner showing how much time left until next spawn)

How do you do this?

Nothing fancy, just a macro for logging and a render to texture of text lines. Could probably actually access the output log itself but it hasn’t been necessary yet.

I probably shouldn’t have called it a “widget”

The reason they stop responding is because the mirror window loses focus, just click it again after bringing back the blueprint window