How are we supposed to access the Steamworks SDK in C++?

So there is little to no documentation of this anywhere, i’m trying to read from a leaderboard,

I Tried using

 IOnlineSubsystem* onlineSub = IOnlineSubsystem::Get();

but intellisense couldn’t find a single thing to follow GetLeaderboardsInterface()-> and everything I tried from trailing through the header files of everything I could find related to this, IE “OnlineLeaderboardInterface.h, OnlineLeaderboardInterfaceSteam.h etc” and everything game me a compiler error of “incomplete type”

Nothing is exposed to blueprint and there is zero documentation on how to use any of this, anybody know how I should go about this?

Proper documentation for StemOnlineSubsystem is on wiki:

Good article about including steamsdk to project. This one from docs

Couple of information you can find through search eg like this

After that you properly include steam subsystem to your project, you can work with Steam through OnlineSubsystem, which is described here


That wiki link provides zero documentation of how to actually use any of the interfaces, it just says that they exist.

Next couple of links from wiki:

Steam, Using Online Subsystem

Steam workshop

How To Use Sessions In C++

And after all I repeat. After you connect SteamSubsystem to your project you must work with OnlineSubsystem, not with Steam directly. All interaction with Steam is done within SteamOnlineSubsystem for you.
PS: you always can see into UE’s sources to find information, usually they are properly commented, so you can understand what for is any method or property + you can search API, and after that if you don’t find any helpful information you always can ask community for help here :slight_smile:

I mean you could write network code using OnlineSubsystemNull, which is default and works only within LAN, and after that you just switch to OnlineSubsystemSteam and almost all would be fine. Ofc there may be pieces that need to be tuned for steam integration.

And remember that steam won’t work in PIE, you must run app in standalone mode for it

The problem I have isn’t using the subsystem or setting it up, i’ve done all of that, its specifically the leaderboards interface, the source isn’t clear at all on how I can use any of it and most of the headers if I include them in to my projects source give me external errors.

There is zero documentation on how to use the leaderboards system apart from the 2 blueprint nodes that don’t help me at all. what i want is to be able to read all friends leaderboard stats