How apply post process filter only to the specific object? (in this case a cable)


Hello people.

I’m working on a 2.5D game with pixel art artistic direction. In the game, there are cables that hold candlesticks, poles and so on. However, I realized that they ended up getting static when they are drawn by hand, and if you do the flipbook with a variety of animations, it would still be a limited and repetitive movement.

So I decided to use the Unreal cable tool to make them more dynamic and natural, with balance and etc (although the game is a pixel art, it will have physics, lighting, particles and other modern effects). However, this has generated the problem that the cables do not match the pixelated art of the rest of the game.

I looked for a number of ways to make a pixelated object on UE4, and found only this youtube video (Unreal 4 Retro Pixel Tutorial - YouTube) where it shows how to use post-processing to Apply a pixelated filter to the game.

My question is: How do I apply this filter only to the specific object? (in this case the cables)

I searched a lot on the internet, I saw many people commenting on using customdeath to define post-processing, but I could not apply it in a way that worked. It looks like this function only works for outlines and so on. And especially when it comes to cables, all customdeath applications do not seem to work. (I do not know if this is some limitation of the engine)

Would anyone have any suggestions on how to apply this filter? Or another idea of ​​how I can make the cable pixelated?

Thank you all!

To control which object will be affected by any kind of postprocess material you need to use the scene texture:custom depth node. Have a look in here Exceptions to Post process effects - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums hopefully it helps.

Yes, I had seen this post before. But this solution does not seem to be applicable to cable componets, since they are not necessarily objects. I did not get any results here.