How (and where) do I get a Unique Device ID, for Oculus Quest 2 Project?

Hey there!

I’m trying to gather some sort of Unique Device ID for everytime my project is installed in a different Oculus Quest 2, this ID must be unique and stored basically forever, if you will.

How (and where) do I get this number generated and how do I store it definitely?

UE4 newbie here, so if you know how to do it, please explain it like if I was 5 years old :sweat_smile:.

Huge thanks!

Here’s the solution.

This fucntion generates a random number of any size you choose.

this is how you call it in blueprint (that number is the lenght of the string you want)

in this same image I set the generated value on a blueprint on a savegame…

Everytime a savegame is loaded it shows the number that was generated when the savegame was created.

It works very well… My only problem with this is that I’m struggling to keep the savegame working, explanation on this other question I made meanwhile.

If you have any idea on how to solve that problem, pls go forward and anwser in the other questions.

Hope this helps!