House Interactive - External/Internal

Hi guys,

After 2 months I finally finished this project. It’s about a house with two kind of visualization at the same time (Internal/External) with a system of changing cameras and materials.


Good work mate! I know the effort required to achieve this!

Inspiring work. Keep going.

amazing as always rafareis123!!!

Very nice work!!! What do you use the settings in BaseLightmass.ini ProductionQuality?

He’s probably not going to reveal it and also, most settings in a project like that are interdependent so you have to understand the system (photon mapping, etc) as a whole to be able to achieve great results. Koola already gave a ini a while ago and it was completely random values and not useful for anyone else in the end. It’s a pain to learn how to make things look good but it’s possible with dedication.

Thanks guys!

I’m going to release a video-lesson soon, I think in december. I will explain the whole process of getting a photorealistic result like that.

I also gave a support for the guys from Epic about the lightmass parameters and I think they will going to put some parameters on the editor or something.

Great to hear Rafareis123. I would be willing to pay for a in depth tutorial/course about photon mapping in unreal engine 4. I can achieve good results but I want to master the tech behind what I do too!

Beautiful work, well done! =)

I’ve been waiting for this one to come up in your store, how much is it gonna be? :slight_smile:

Great job!

Was that 2 months full time to make this?

Amazing work , you are pro.

very nice!!!

Astonishing work. Keep us all motivated :cool:

Very nice, man!

How long did it take to build lighting for this final version?

Very cool job. How did you move from one camera to another to change rooms?

Wow. Amazing work.

At the 2:23 mark, how do you change the lighting from “exterior” mode to “interior” mode?

You can place more than one Post Process Volume with different settings (including exposure adjustments). When the player goes from one volume to another, those settings will change in real time.

Thank you for the reply. I’m just getting started with UE so apologies if that is basic knowledge :slight_smile:
I’ll have to look into PPV a bit more and see what I can find.

In general, are there any places that have good tutorials, etc. for lighting? Especially interior only lighting? The UE tutorials are great for getting started but I couldn’t find much in the way of architectural interior lighting.


nice work, what do you use for the grass asset.