Houdini to Niagara Looped simulation not working

Hello Hello!
I have a simple particles sim in Houdini, which i use in UE4 with a Houdini emitter in Niagara.
i have to make it loop. using a couple of time shifts nodes ( in houdini ) I am able to see it loop properly. ( It basically cut the sim in half, and paste it back inverted, so the end and the beginning matches)
However once imported into Ue4, The particles are not behaving properly.
It basically doesn’t play the first half and only play the play the second half.
is there something I can do to fix this?

I tried remapping different attributes without success.

I have posted my questions in Houdini forums but no dice :s.
Is there someone here that would be able help me with this issue?


I have absolutely no idea how to do this, but would love to hear about any progress.

I’m currently looking at making a waterfall is some external package, but it needs to loop… and crossfading is the only way.

Yeah, crossfading would be an option, however it doesn’t seem to kill the particles properly if the cache is reloaded before the end of the first run.
If anyone has a documentation about how Niagara interpret Houdini file, i would be happy to read it :smiley:

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