Houdini HDA not loading in Unreal engine

Hello! I am currently using unreal engine 4.26 (I have both Houdini engine and Houdini Niagara installed in the build and enabled inside of unreal engine) I am using Houdini 18.5.563. I created a simple HDA in Houdini to bring into unreal engine, just some simple spheres copied to scattered points, and it saved the HDA with no errors. when I bring the HDA into unreal engine it loads a white square in the content browser, and when I place it into the scene it is just the Houdini logo - it does not cook or load or show the geometry it is supposed to.

If anyone has had similar issues and has been able to solve please let me know! any tips are appreciated!

I have also tried disabling my firewall while brining the HDA into houdini and had no luck with that