Houdini - Foliage Instancing

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I’m looking into instancing foliage with Houdini. Though its unclear to me where the line should be drawn between houdini & unreal engine instancing. For example, I see its common practice to instance trees, boulders, bushes in houdini… but rarely see instances for smaller foliages. I’m speculating its because having baked instance points for each patch of grass would be too heavy to store, and its better to have them generated at runtime since we don’t particularly care about their placement.

If this is correct, what would then be the solution for controlling the placement of the smaller foliage types? Perhaps baking a color map that can be used to create biomes?

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I think the right question (which I also have) is: What geometry data could be exported and used for folliage scattering within UE5?