Hot reload problem

Hi, I just compiled my game from Visual Studio.
It finished, but in the editor I had a message box with a loading bar. There was “Compiling game modules”.
But it was frozen, I had to force the process to close.

Then I tried the in-editor compile, where I have that window in the bottom-right corner.
My editor got frozen and I had to force quit.

What is the problem? I am using the latest 4.5 version

Hey birdfreeyahoo-

Was the editor open when you compiled the code in Visual Studios? If you could provide the log files from when the editor locked up we may be able to see what is causing the program to hang.


Yes it was open (it got frozen).
In-Editor compile: Log file open, 12/03/14 15:59:57LogInit:Display: Running engine for game: Spac -
Like you can see, it suddenly stops writing, missing the end of .cpp

Visual Studio compile: Log file open, 12/03/14 15:32:00LogInit:Display: Running engine for game: Spac -
There is also no clean shutdown

Do you use some new GlobalShaders or a new VertexFactory ? Do your module got PostConfigInit LoadingPhase ?

Also, do the editor freeze everytime on the same file, or is it random ?

None of them.
I didn’t try again so i don’t know.

Visual Studio Professional 2013, I think the latest version.
I am not able to reproduce this kind of error in any way, it is gone, but I have another hot reload problem now:

Which version of Visual Studios are you using (if you’re using Express we’ll need to know which version of Express)? Do you get the same hanging problem on 4.6? Also, are you able to reproduce this issue in a new project? Your system’s DXDiag may also provide additional information if you could get that as well.

Hey birdfreeyahoo-

Since this problem is no longer occurring I will be marking this as fixed for tracking purposes. If you do experience the editor freezing during a hot reload in the future feel free to reopen this post.