Hot Reload of Game Plugins

Using a launcher installed build of UE 4.12, if I modify and compile my game module in visual studio the running editor will detect the new hot reload module and reload it.

Game plugins however can be recompiled in visual studio while the editor is running, but the rebuilt module is not detected (see FHotReloadModule::InitHotReloadWatcher).

Interestingly, clicking the “recompile” button in the modules window of editor will rebuild and reload the game plugin which seems to be working just fine.

So my question is, is there any reason why InitHotReloadWatcher does not also listen for game plugins that need reloading? This would be a much preferred so we can work purely in visual studio and switch to the editor once it is compiling ok.

Hi Cameron,

I don’t think there’s any specific reason why game plugins are not watched for. We specifically only watch for game modules because that’s typically the case we want to optimise hot reload for. I’ll add a ticket to support hot reloaded game plugins.


Awesome thanks, can I have the issue number so I can track it on your public Jira? Much appreciated Steve.

It’s UECORE-343.