Horror Kit part one For Market Place


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Hello everyone! My name is Alexander and I am professional CG artist. With my colleagues we are creating HorrorPack For Market Place.
All features of this pack are listed below:

  • Modular scenery (walls, floor, doors and etc)
  • Textures and customizable materials
  • Decals
  • Main hero with bunch of animations
  • Enemy with AI and animations (nope)
  • Lots of different gameplay features (flashlight with battery life, door sneaking and other cool stuff). (nope)

We are aiming to complete this pack till february any feedback, comments and suggestions are welcomed.





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Can’t wait to see it! =)

Thanks for your working, that kind of pack would benefit a lot of developers in the community.

Thank you for waiting

Yeah! That looks awesome! Hope to see this in marketplace! Can’t wait to see full list of features for this pack!

someone interesting?

Wow, looks really good, I might use the enemy AI for our game when this comes out! Can’t wait!

we will try to make more of variability content

What price point will you be looking at for this? I may be interested in the hand animations.

Are the lockers included? If so, do they have interiors so they can be opened? That would be helpful since hiding in a locker is a common mechanic these days.

Very nice! Good to see some more high-quality content being prepped for release on the marketplace.

you can hide in lockers and hide from the “dentist” + ) we realize simple system fight, open doors, peeping through the door and other

Looks amazing! 100% gonna buy this

Hi, looking great, im working with a small team on an old-school-survival game with modern features like full body awareness and oculus rift support, so i’m very interested in some of those mechanics.
because we are in an early part of dev. i have a few questions… hope you will reply.

  • is the “player” only flying hands, or a full complete body for full-body-awareness?
  • are u using the template skeleton from ue4 or a custom?
  • is there a expected release date?
  • what price point will you be looking at?

keep up your good work.

(sry for bad english)



  • is the “player” only flying hands, -yes
  • are u using the template skeleton from ue4 or a custom? - yes standard
  • is there a expected release date? February or early March
  • what price point will you be looking at? 100

ty :slight_smile:

Oh hey, nice work on the hands. I love hands

Will you make this available off the marketplace at all? I would love access to this asap!!!

End date develop on February or early March + 1 mouth for trello board

Sorry for long silence, but now there is no chance for me to complete this kit with full feature list.

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