Horror Kit part one For Market Place

That really sucks. What would be missing from it?

I think only models, materials, textures, decals … there is a possibility that a character with animations but I’m not sure. Price will be correspondingly lower…

sad to hear that, but for me its okay, i’m only interested in the blueprints and game mechanic :smiley:

is there a date for the realese now and the new price?

Interested in this project, if only for the models :wink:

I presume everything is not only normal mapped, but height mapped as well? Kind of hard to determine the texturing state from a VR perspective w/o being in VR :wink:

Thank you for waiting! … in any case I finish the project by the end of the month, and then we will wait to vote at trelloboard, I expect the price of about fifty… and little trailer for motivation :rolleyes:

very soon finish :eek:



If you have any suggestions for content, please let me know, I will try to do

55875ba1135eac2d0ad4d39eb6abcec5cb44b0fb.jpeg and this

5aa1384f703257b799a43dc463ba767cc93bc698.jpeg aaaaaandd this :eek:

this is awesome!
can you tell me the release date

release date, 1 weeks or 3 month… i dont know

Hey msSteel,

I had seen in an earlier video that you had gotten hiding and door sneaking implemented pretty early on.

Are those still going into the pack? I know that it is going to be mostly models and not so much gameplay features, but I thought I would ask.

If they are not going to be included in the pack do you think we could work something out where I can get my hands on your BP or code of how you implemented it? Those features would really help out in the game I am currently working on.


Hellow FV Panda! Pack include only animation without blueprints

cooming sooon

I used the “Regrigerator_door” mesh in a level and then when I built lighting, I was given a “Object has wrapping UVs”

Hello, I dont know how to get the oppening door with arms animations, and I was wondering if you could help me with it by sending it to my email. .Thanks

Hello is it possible to download those blood decals ?