Horror Corridor

**UPDATE: The Pack is finally live on the Unreal Marketplace :slight_smile: Please refer to the Marketplace Forum post if you have any questions **

Hello everyone,

It’s time to start working on my next asset Pack for the Unreal Marketplace and like my previous Packs, it will also be Horror-Themed. :slight_smile: It will be called “Horror Corridor” and in the same style as my other Packs “Horror Dining Room” (Preview || ArtstationLink) and “Horror Living Room” (Preview || ArtstationLink)

I will start with a simple paint bucket and post on this topic over time. So if anyone wants anything specific in there that would fit the scenery I would love to hear about it and try my best to include it. :slight_smile:

PS: I’m also developing a game called “A Story of Hope” you can check the WIP Thread out here :slight_smile:

The Newest Demo Scene Image (02/08/2021)

Paint Bucket Screenshots

Finished some basement stairs today :wink:

Cant say much because I’ve just started using the engine but I can say I think its amazing and inspiring. Thanks for posting your work.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I have worked on an alternate versions of the Stairs today and added a simple script for placement.

Was playing around with some puddle transition. I just used the slider so it seems a bit laggy in the video.

Added a new Brick material today :slight_smile:

Added new wood elements today.

New Wall Materials :slight_smile:

New Ceiling Material :wink:

Hey! This looks really cool! Almost photo realistic. Never seen such a detailed mesh as a prop.
Good job and keep it up! :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Finished a door today

Testing out a steel spring animation. It’s material offset based and I will tweak it later. :wink:

Amazing content!! Absolutely cool and modern in terms of usability

Thanks! Trying my best :wink:

I added an unpainted version of the Door-

Modular Pipes :slight_smile: I will show them later inside the Demo Scene. The Pointer and lever are movable.

Modular Pipes in action :wink:

Cardboard Boxes are ready, I post updated screenshots from the Demo Scene tomorrow :slight_smile:

Demo Scene Updates :slight_smile: