Horror Corridor

Testing out new high maps :slight_smile: I will include Wall corners for tessellated materials as well.

Finally, started the Corridor Part.

New Material :slight_smile: And playing Around with the lights.

Finished the next Door type :slight_smile: You can change the Color and there is also a Key model :slight_smile:

Added an alternate Version of the Door. It’s possible to change the Color as well :slight_smile: I also update the Interactive Door Blueprint to work with the new Doors-

The Fuse Box is finally ready, I will post some screenshots from ue4 later :slight_smile: The following are from Marmoset Toolbag

New screenshots from within ue4 :slight_smile:

New Demo scene Screenshot :slight_smile:

The texturing is crazy, the paint bucket/brush might be one of the best looking props I’ve seen for a game. :wink:

Thank you, trying my best :slight_smile:

Finished the Bed Frame today :slight_smile:

These assets look amazing! Will is there already a schedule when you will publish those assets?

@tuatec Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll try to finish everything around mid-February. I will also include some blueprints. So if I can keep my plan so far, it should be on the Marketplace in early March. But I don’t want to make any promises, it’s just an approximate schedule. :slight_smile:

New Screenshots :wink:

Added a simple Chain Spline blueprint :slight_smile: Sorry if the screenshots are a bit dark this time

New Screenshots :slight_smile:

Love horror assets. These are looking great!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Here are some new screenshots.

Finally, added a Mattress :slight_smile:

Looking good.