Horror Bedroom

Update 10.25.2022:
It’s finally done, the Pack is live on the Marketplace Link . A Big thanks from the bottom of my heart to everyone who was following this project. It was quite a journey, and I’m sure there is more to come in the future :wink:

Hello everyone,

It’s time to start working on my next asset Pack for the Unreal Marketplace and like my previous Packs, it will also be Horror-Themed. :slight_smile: It will be called “Horror Bedroom” and in the same style as my other Packs “Horror Dining Room” (Preview || ArtstationLink) , “Horror Living Room” (Preview || ArtstationLink) and Horror Corridor (Preview || ArtstationLink)

I will start with a grandfather clock and post on this topic over time. So if anyone wants anything specific in there that would fit the scenery I would love to hear about it and try my best to include it. :slight_smile:

PS: I’m also developing a game called “A Story of Hope” you can check the WIP Thread out here

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My first model is ready. It’s a grandfathers clock. I will post in Engine Screenshots tomorrow :wink:

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Sorry about the delay here are some screenshots from withing unreal. I will work on a blueprint next to make it more functional, since i like to make drag and drop stuff :slight_smile:

Finished the blueprint today. It’s possible to open the Doors (like in my other Packs), set a custom time or use real-time. The chain size can be changed as well :slight_smile:


Finished Lamps today :slight_smile: Screenshots from inside UE4 follow tomorrow.


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Added them to ue4 :slight_smile: I will also write blueprints for the lamps and they will be interactive. Like removing the shade or using the Switch with moving elements.

Chairs are ready :slight_smile: Images from within UE4 follow soon

ArtStation Link: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/0n0vqV

New Screenshots from within UE4. It will be possible to change the leather color :slight_smile:

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Finished a Fan today, :slight_smile: screenshots from UE4 will follow later.

New Blueprints and Screenshots from within UE4. The transition will be more realistic if everything is finished :slight_smile:


Worked on a puppet screenshots from within UE4 will follow soon :slight_smile:

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New Screenshots:

Started to work on a Blueprint for the Puppet :slight_smile: Is there anything specific you want in there ?

It’s been a while. But i finally finished the turntable, I’ll write a blueprint next. So it should be fully functional :slight_smile:

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First Floor Material :slight_smile:

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Flashlight is ready :slight_smile:

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Material for Damaged Walls next.

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Alarm Clock is ready :slight_smile:


The ultimate terror device of any horror room. An alarm clock :scream:

All jokes aside, I really enjoy the aesthetic you’re going for in the images you’ve linked. Admittedly, the puppet is creepy beyond words. Goodluck in your future spooking and thanks so much for sharing your project with us here on the ue forums!

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Thank you :slight_smile: I’ll be trying my best.