Horror Bedroom

Hello everyone,

It’s time to start working on my next asset Pack for the Unreal Marketplace and like my previous Packs, it will also be Horror-Themed. :slight_smile: It will be called “Horror Bedroom” and in the same style as my other Packs “Horror Dining Room” (Preview || ArtstationLink) , “Horror Living Room” (Preview || ArtstationLink) and Horror Corridor (Preview || ArtstationLink)

I will start with a grandfather clock and post on this topic over time. So if anyone wants anything specific in there that would fit the scenery I would love to hear about it and try my best to include it. :slight_smile:

PS: I’m also developing a game called “A Story of Hope” you can check the WIP Thread out here

My first model is ready. It’s a grandfathers clock. I will post in Engine Screenshots tomorrow :wink:

Sorry about the delay here are some screenshots from withing unreal. I will work on a blueprint next to make it more functional, since i like to make drag and drop stuff :slight_smile:

Finished the blueprint today. It’s possible to open the Doors (like in my other Packs), set a custom time or use real-time. The chain size can be changed as well :slight_smile:


Finished Lamps today :slight_smile: Screenshots from inside UE4 follow tomorrow.

Added them to ue4 :slight_smile: I will also write blueprints for the lamps and they will be interactive. Like removing the shade or using the Switch with moving elements.

Chairs are ready :slight_smile: Images from within UE4 follow soon

ArtStation Link:

New Screenshots from within UE4. It will be possible to change the leather color :slight_smile: