Horizontal flickering noise when using Parallax Occlusion

What is this horizontasl flickering effect on my cube?
It is not present in every frame, and when it is present, its jumping around and flickering (always in a horizontal band pattern).
I can disable the shadows for POM and there is no difference. I do not see this happening on the floor, only on the cube.
It occurs in the editor, and play mode.
If I set the height ratio to 0 it will not appear on the cube, but faintly on the floor. I fi use a non-zero value, the floor is OK but the cube will be affected.
I could really do with some help here, thanks!
Using 4.23.1

My material graph :

If that spotlight is casting a dynamic shadow it’s probably shadow aliasing. You can try to deactivate shadow casting in your spotlight and if it goes away enable it again and try to adjust the shadow bias and shadow slope bias until you find the best compromise.

Probably the light set up, tweak the shadow bias!

It is not related to shadow at all. It is depth test failing due to certain expressions used in POM function together with pixel depth offset.

What should I do to stop it from happening? Sometimes when I Play the scene, it is gone when I return to the editor.

Old bug with pixel depth offset. Happens on all uses of it.

Seems to be an issue still, are there ways to reduce the flickering?