Hopefully Helpful Hints From Hammer On Unreal Engine VR January 01 2016

Happy New Years!
Hope everyone had an awesome sauces break. I did with my family and everyone loved the game so far. I hauled my computer around with the vive so I could show everyone what I am up to. It was a ball. Got a bit done. Not as much as I should have, but its vacation! Anywho, thank you all so very much for watching and following. I am back in the game and full speed ahead until completion!

ShadowRiver - Updateing Timmers

Steve Hardister :diamonds::diamonds: - Compileing error

Alpha Tested with about 30ish family members and everything went pretty durn good
Setup weapon switching
Setup different weapon power levels
Get Temp Waves Functioning
Wave 0 - until 100 Points, **** Gun, Small Bunny Pack Release
Wave 1 - until 200 Points, **** Gun, Big Bunny Pack Release
Wave 2 - until 300 Points, Mid Gun, Big Bunny every other pack, Big Bunny Packs
Wave 3 - Particle bunnies Sequence you die
Refine waves over and over and got its logic finally working
Start up screen created
Start up screen functioning
Spawn particle bunnies based on health hitting 20%
Tried delta time to activate particle bunnies, no good
Compiling Error Fixed