Honey/Jello Material, What am I doing wrong?

Hey all! I’ve been trying rather hard recently to make a sort of, honey esque material.

Something transparent with refractions, sort of like amber. However all the tutorials and experimenting I try ends with this amber glass with little to no refractions.
I can’t get it to properly refract, nor act as though it were a slightly clear surface, much like honey is

The object it is on is not a plain, but actually a rather noisy and curvy model

This is the material in the material editor

This is the material in engine.

Thanks in Advance

Nothing that’s visible in your screenshot is wrong (assuming you didn’t modify your Fresnel node).

Do check your Translucency Lighting setting - it needs to be set to TLM Surface.

Also, make sure you have at least one reflection capture actor, although that shouldn’t be required for refraction.

Are you making a bee simulator?

I’d also add a normal in there, help pull out those reflective shapes/highlights.

Well it’s KIND OF a bee simulator. We’re working on an “egglike” game as our stress release project. Something mindless and stupid. So I’m just kind of working on the base prototyping materials while mechanics are literally stapled together.

I’ve added the TLM surface, and that really helped, and added a reflection capture in. It helped a lot as well.

I’ll throw a normal map on, see how it looks.