Homing Spell Tutorial Needed

Their are no good tutorials on homing spells! Does anyone know of any? Looking for example blueprints also without luck.
thanks a bunch.

What is a homing spell?

Look for homing projectile:

Yah I have looked at all of those! Most of them are first person, or they don’t go into detail on creating the blueprints step by step so forth and so on… A homing magic projectile blueprints are what I have. I can spawn them but I want them to home in on a specified target. I even purchased a lock on system in the market place but the way its set up you cant add weapons.

Does it matter? Socket is a socket.

Probably because the system is rather basic at its core if you are to rely on the built in projectile (homing) component. Here’s 2 screenshots worth of homing stuff:



Creating something more elaborate takes time. Even the plugin you bought (someone spent probably several days on it) does not cut it. On the other hand, it really is not that complicated. It’s a vItnerp and a couple (dozens) of variables to control / tweak it. A base class for the spell and a socket to launch it from. There’s more in a full system, but somehow I doubt you can find a tut that does it all. Perhaps consider breaking it apart and add pertinent elements as needed.

Included above - right click.

I find that highly unlikely but I haven’t used it so what do I know. If you’re looking for a system that will cater to your very specific needs, you’re much better off posting it as a paid job. It might be worth it if you believe developing it yourself takes too much time. But then maintenance becomes an issue in the long run; it may not mesh well enough with other things you want to incorporate into the gameplay.

Thanks soooo much its a start in the wright direction. A lot of people are looking for the same as me with no results. this forum was my last try to get answers. I would pay for it but theirs nothing on the market place! Besides I want to learn as much as I can. I tried to use the example but I had trouble. Is target component a variable? couldn’t find it. Also set target component wouldn’t let me plug it into hit component I got a red circle with an slash. To bad you cant send me the blueprint via free google drive lol.

Yes. It’s a base component class. You can right click the *Hit **Component *pin in the Break Hit Result node and Promote to Variable to automate this.

Here’s a link:…5zU7s_1MexkPr3

Somehow I feel you’ll be disappointed, it’s not much more than what is in the screenshot.

Thank You so much!