Holster That Returns To Hip When Released

I’m trying to create a VR shooter in which when I release the gun, it snaps to the hip holster. Right now I have two children objects (left and right holsters) at hip level but I’m not sure what BPs to use to tether the gun BP and have them retract back to the hip when I let them go. Eventually, I’d like returning to the holster to reload the gun but one step at a time…

I’m new to UE4 and this actually marks the first time I’ve ever used a forum so I can’t be sure I’m even doing this part right. If you need a picture, I can provide my disorganized code.

Hello AntiFreak,

I’m currently looking through forums and google trying to figure out how to create any kind of hip holster in VR. Did you get anywhere with this?

Good Luck.