HoloLens MRC / Vive Tracker Issue

I’m trying to use a Vive tracker on an external physical camera to control a pawn in a multiplayer project that’s configured for Hololens using the documentation from Microsoft.

The issue I’m running into is the documentation to setup the Vive tracker involve setting the tracker up as “Special_1” in SteamVR’s controller binding but I’m not able to complete that in my project. When I select “Vive Tracker on Camera” and try to select “Edit” or “Create new…” nothing happens. If I open a project that’s based off the VR template - I can get the popup in SteamVR to come up. Is it possible to use the WMR / Hololens plugins with the SteamVR/ OpenXR plugins for the Vive tracker together in a project?

You can’t use Vive Trackers with OpenXR yet, they only work with the SteamVR plugin.

Thanks, I was using the SteamVR plugin. I think the issue I’m running into is that the UXTools library for UE4 from Microsoft doesn’t support multiplayer yet. I was able to get the project to come up on the respective headsets (Hololens / Vive) but the Hololens doesn’t have hand tracking. The relevant Github issue is here: multi-player use UXTools cant work. · Issue #14 · microsoft/MixedReality-UXTools-Unreal · GitHub