[Hololens] MissionAR - Apollo 11 Mission file won't deploy to hololens 2

The project, downloaded in the epic games launcher, opens in unreal engine 4.24 and packages successfully for the hololens. When I come to deploy, the installation fails with no information as to why? Any help is much appreciated!

I was having some trouble loading the MissionAR into the Hololens 2 emulator also earlier in December (no HL2)… I hear they updated, so maybe ill try again this week. Were you able to get it to work?

thinking about it a bit more… i guess the emulator wouldn’t really work because the original app was meant to be streamed to the Hololens 2… I guess just having it Simulate in Engine would make it work… i wonder if there are hotkeys for the Hololens 2 interactions you would normally see hmm.



HI,how can u packages successfully for the hololens?I always log unknown error,can u help me?