[Hololens 2] Spatial occlusion not working for packaged apps.

Hi guys,
Here’s my problem…

So, I’ve cloned the Hololens2Example project from microsoft.

Used as-is, it works fine in streaming and packaged, except that I do not get any spatial occlusion. The MRMesh does exist since raytraces hit it just fine, e.g. when spawning Robots, but it won’t occlude anything.

Looking at the AR session config (WMRConfig asset), I see that I can activate an option “Use Mesh Data for Occlusion”.
Then the strangest thing happens: it works great in remoting/streaming, occlusion works fine. But when packaged, no joy.

I’m wondering if this is a known limit of the current Hololens/WMR plugins, or whether this is a bug, or whether I 've missed something somewhere.

The workflow with magic leap for meshing would be to use a MRMesh component and connect it to a mesh tracker component.
Apparently, using WMR/Hololens there’s only a “mock data mesh tracker” available, which quite predictably does not do anything remotely interesting …

Thanks in advance for any suggestions…