Hololens 2 Spatial Meshing Volume Size differs after packaging


when I stream my level directly from Unreal Engine 4.26 or 4.27 to my Hololens 2 Device everything seems to be ok. The SpatialMeshing Volume covers the entire room.

Spatial Meshing Volume Size is set to 200 in Project Settings. But this settings seems to be only for “none-streaming” Apps (directly installed to Hololens 2 Device. I don’t want this. Graphics power of Hololens 2 Device is weak, only up to 100K Poly in 60fps)

But after packaging to windows application and streaming this, the mesh covers only a small volume around the player/camera for round about 2x2x2 meters.

When I walk around, a new volume seems to be added to the existing spatial mesh. But then the formerly existing part suddenly hides. It switches his visibility with the current one. But nevertheless, the area where collison of objects works, seems to grow.

I just let objects fall down and so I can see them not falling to infinity. They collide to a virtual floor.

As I say, when I stream the same level directly from UE4 Editor, I just have to look in different directions. Automatically it lets grow the spatial-mesh to the entire room, without hiding any part of this mesh.

I cannot find any blueprint commands to fix it.
I cannot understand the difference. VR-preview-stream or packaged stream-application of same level ???
I am using UXTools of course

Any ideas ?
Thanks in advance