HoloLens 2 Mixed Reality Capture missalignment in UE5

In our application exact alignment of virtual and real objects is extremely important so for demonstration purposes the HoloLens 2 default of just using the right eye image is not enough. I am new to HoloLens (and AR) development so i have followed the steps outlined here Mixed reality capture with Unreal and because that was written for UE4 updated the functions used based on this Upgrading projects in Unreal.

However that did not work at all. Looking at articles for the new functions also did not help as they only mention capturing a scene with the help of a calibrated environment. Not built in cameras as with the HoloLens 2. Are there any up to date docs or other resources on how to do this in UE5?

I asked recently Microsoft support about PV camera. In short, the last version supporting this feature was UE4.27, but they’re in touch with Epics to return it in future versions of UE.


Hello, may I ask if you are using UE5 to package on Hololens and recording screens using Hololens? Is the model and UI relatively transparent. But UE4 wouldn’t?

Hi, do you have any updates on this, by any chance?