[HOLOLENS 2] Image tracking solution.

I am looking to see if there is existing support for image tracking in UE4 using the Hololens 2. I am aware of Vuforia for Unity, and I have been working with the Magic Leap 1 using their built-in image tracking.

Tracking does not need to be perfect, but I require the ability in order to build an application for both platforms.

It seems to be possible. I am trying the UpdateTrackeImage event of the ARTrackableNotify component, but I have not succeeded yet.

I was successful. It may be a system problem before. After resetting the HoloLens2 device, the debugging was successful. Would you mind sharing how? Im facing the same situation right now. Help would be awesome :smiley:

I successfully tested it through the official Microsoft documentation, and currently only tested the QR code.

if you want we can contact us by email.

My email: [EMAIL=“”]

Hello, I tried using that event of that component through the official Microsoft documentation. I’m not getting any reaction from the event tho. Does the scanned QR Code need to be saved somewhere or does it work universally? I know t hat this Hololens 2 I have has been resetted before (login issues). Did resetting fix the problem for you?

Thanks for any reply