[HOLOLENS 2] Hologram stabilisation methodologies and settings - where are they?


This is a bit of a noob question, but I’m doing my first builds to the HL2 (just using starter content to minimise variables) and the holographic stabilisation seems very poor compared to what I built back on the HL1 years ago - lots of swimming with just the simplest of scenes (table, chairs & statue).

I know we’re awaiting the MRTK beta with 4.25 but in the meantime, where are the UE settings for toggling per-pixel depth re-projection, stabilisation plane management etc etc?

This stuff is pretty trivial to access and manage in Unity (and has been since early 2016) but I can’t find any documentation about these very basic features for UE.

Please point me to any docs that I’ve missed - I’m thinking the equivalent of something like Microsoft reference docs Hologram stability - Mixed Reality | Microsoft Docs (all code, functional calls and examples are Unity/C#) or the MRTK-Unity focused docs Hologram stabilization | Mixed Reality Toolkit Documentation (understandably all Unity focused).

Thanks all!