Hololens 2 Experiments - Alyx style grabbity mech and more!

Sharing my Hololens 2 Experiments for anyone who might find some value with it. Currently have there “Grabbity”, a Half-Life:Alyx style grabbing mechanic implementation, hand/joint drawing for debugs, gesture tracker, stuff for hand physics interactions, etc

All implemented in Blueprint, assets, components and actors made to be easily migratable across projects. Might convert to C++ at some point.

The Alyx style Grabbity mechanic is actually a re-implementation in AR of BP code I’m hoping to include in a UE4 VR course I’m making for Epic. Don’t want to pre-empt that, but I did leave code comments and nodes to indicate parts that you’ll need to re-hook for the VR implementation :slight_smile:




Look great!

Very nice! Thank you for sharing! Do you have any plan to update it?