Hololens 2 - AR/VR Unreal Engine 4 Beginner Tutorials?


I’ve been looking for some tutorials for developing on the Unreal Engine for the Hololens 2, but there aren’t very many.

There’s the “Intro to Building Mixed Reality Apps with Unreal Engine 4” - but it’s pretty advanced for a newbie like me.

I remember hearing, or reading somewhere that the Mixed Reality platform is similar to the VR development, but i’m not really sure if it’s true or not… Would my best bet be to do some beginner / introduction to VR development for UE4 to get my going on developing for the Hololens 2?

I’ve been able to package a remote rendering “app” using this japanese tutorial which I found very handy.

I’m just looking for you know… super basic fundamental type tutorials which explain spawning pawns / objects and even Asset Pipeline creation where I create models and importing the FBX… I swapped from Unity to Unreal Engine as I thought UE4 would provide the best photorealistic experience for future AR development.

If anyone can recommend any tutorials or courses I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

Epic docs are here:

Microsoft docs are here:

I was hoping to find some tutorials or documentation with more substance than how to launch the emulator. Maybe that’s why the majority of the developers have been using Unity as the documentation for the MixedRealityToolkit on github is quite extensive.

Thanks for the links anyways.

Sorry, no MRTK for Unreal right now.

No worries, thanks for the discussion Andrey!

I am just running through these tutorials, as they seem somewhat similar in structure that I assume Hololens would follow.

It’s a “UE4 AR / VR / Mobile” Tutorial Playlist by Dev Enabled. So far it’s pretty good.

Also trying to get the Hololens2Example from the “Intro to Building Mixed Reality Apps with Unreal Engine 4”… but realized the project example isn’t the same as the one used in the tutorial (it seems to be missing some assets taken from RoboRecall like the bullets and bipod robot assets haha… but it’s fun trying to get it to work (I can’t seem to it to play in the editor as seen at this timestamp:

It just crashes in 4.23 when i’m in the OverviewMap and trying to use my mouse to click the spawn button but it just crashes. Maybe because i’m missing those assets. Anyways just talking out loud… if anyone has experience with the Hololens2Example project and how to get it running in the editor, as an Unreal Engine newbie i’d love to hear from you. Thanks!

Hi guys, I’m in a similar position and am looking for a slightly more basic beginners tutorial than the “Intro to Building Mixed Reality Apps with Unreal Engine 4”. @jj1ca did you find anything further? TIA

Updated Hololens2Example is in github

thank you!

Thanks! I’ve packaged it for the HL2 Emulator and deployed it. However, when selected in the emulator it will load for a couple of seconds then return to the UE4 symbol. Any ideas on what’s going wrong? TIA

Have you installed x64 VCLib framework package?

Yeah I have.
When I package it I get a whole bunch of warnings about assets that have “been saved with empty engine version. The asset will be loaded but may be incompatible”.
There’s also a warning that states “PackagingResults: Warning: Failed to load ‘/Game/WMRExample/ShaderDev/Test_BuiltData’: Can’t find file.”
As they were just warnings I ignored them but could this be the issue?