Hologram material on my 2d rig

I’m making a 2.5d game and I want a character on screen that looks like a hologram.

No problem making a shader for that but the problem is this: the model is marionette style, so it’s constructed using several different pieces layered up. If I simply turn down the alpha/opacity you’ll see the overlap of those parts.

Is there anyway I can implement a holographic shader onto the model as a whole?


Hello Johnny Galvatron,

If you would please provide screenshots of your model and clarify what you mean by " marionette style? " Are you saying that you have several 2D versions of the character that are a called when you need them? When you change the opacity then you have a bleed through of other 2D layers?

After I have this information I should have a better idea of the scope of your project and what exactly you are trying to achieve by this.