Holes in landscape when improving material

Hi, I’m beguinner. As the image is showing … I don’t know how solve-fix those “holes” in the landscape that represent those landscape’s component which keeps 2 layers (materials) painted
it just works with a very basic-ugly bad material… doesn’t let me use multiple normal textures, doesn’t let me do variation, doesn’t let me do bombing, and other kind of action to improve my material. Because evety time I put something more, will appear those holes

You’ve probably run out of texture space.

Just click on all your textures and, in the details, change sampler source from ‘texture asset’ to ‘shared: wrap’


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Yeah! ClockworkOcean :smiley: finally all works how I expected!!
I want thank you and more over, I would like to know what exactly I’ve done, in order to make it works :sweat_smile: … Since I’m a simple designer and I haven’t a programmer’s mind (unfortunately), in my point of view I’ve just change something in something else and, for a kind of misterious magic it works now… But, please, if you have 2 minute, try to explain me in a way that a child too could understand, which is the difference between before and now… Many thanks

yes, this other issue got another cool way to make my question…
What’s makes “shared wrap” allow use 128 textures and “texture asset” not? …which peculiar features they have in order to make these (and maybe others) different things?