Holes and cracks in Landscape + Displacement

I yet installed the UE 4.12.3 version.
¿¿Is there a way to avoid cracks and holes in landscape actor when using it with world displacement??
With low height values works fine , for example 3, 8 ,10…but after a high number (60-100) the seams begin to broke.
I think taht for that low values dont compensate the use of displacement maps.

For Static meshes works fine.

fixed with noise tool

in one click

Make sure crack free and adaptive are both unchecked in your material. They both cause cracks.

“my ground is cracking…”

“did you turn off crack-free option?”

“that worked!”

makes perfect sense. Fixed the issue for me, though it appears to cause the entire landscape to use the displacement map rather than the individual components themselves so you don’t get accurate displacement like you do when you use crack-free. shrug