HMD not head tracking in any version above 4.18

I’ve been trying to get any sort of VR working in the newest releases of the engine, but whenever I try to “play” in VR preview, the HMD does not rotate the head of the character, be it a FirstPerson map/ pawn, a third person map/ pawn (edited to be VR) or even the most basic VR template.

Although the HMD displays the level inside the HMD, the level is LOCKED to the HMD, so when I turn my head, I don’t look around the room, the room itself moves in relation to the HMD…

& even though I can turn or rotate with the motion controllers yaw and axis, like turning the character etc… the room itself is locked to the HMD

any ideas of how to fix this ?
(it does not happen when I use version 4.17)

Could it be as simple as creating an input for the HMD so that my head rotation, rotates the character as opposed to the controller ?
(in the case of my third person VR pawn)

I really need VR to work (I use a rift) but I want to take advantage of the new releases, and Niagara.

I am already invested into using the point cloud plug-in alongside the Niagara system, and none of these are possible using 4.17