HMD Non-distorted Mirroring

Hello Devs,

Later this week a few game journalists are going to be visiting our studio to record a play through of our title.

I was wondering if there is a internal method for rendering an non-distorted view of the HMD on the regular monitor. My current method is to apply “HMD Mirror Mode 1” and then crop 50% of the image in post.

I noticed that Henry and Chronos have the feature to display a single non-distorted view of the game. I would love to include that feature in our title as well.


Hi Vincent -

Those titles are using the undistorted single eye texture, which is HMD MirrorMode 2, instead of 1.

Hope that helps!

Hey Nic,

What’s the best method for setting the window’s resolution? Mirror mode 2 doesn’t changed the window resolution by default and my normal method of r.setRes doesn’t affect the window size.


In 4.12, setting resolution will let you modify this much more easily.

In the meantime, you can configure the size of the mirror window in your game’s DefaultEngine.ini file: