HMD - Cybermind Visette45 - Help

Hi everyone,

I have the Cybermind Visette45 and i want work on it, but i’m totally new in the VR, HMD and the Unrealengine.
Till this point I only find info but about Oculus and nothing for Cybermind visette45 :confused:

Can anyone tell me the keysteps, to put the HMD working?

At this point, I just want put working with a simple scene (like a empty room), in which the person with HMD could look all around.

I saw this video but again for Oculus Rift

I appreciate your attention
Best regards

Sorry to say, but if you are serious about VR you really need an Oculus Rift at this point.

Thanks for your answer.
Unfortunately my boss has already acquired this equipment, when this device debut on the market. In another words it was a long time ago.
But now i need to do something with it, for now a simple scene is enough.

//sorry my english

There’s no turnkey solution for a device as old as this. You would have to code your implementation in C++.

And even then, it would likely make you sick just using it. :frowning:

Tell your boss it’s too old and no longer supported.