HMD camera Position


Can anyone guide me through the correct steps to get the (Camera component location + HMD positional tracking location), I want to have a Vector value of where my head is situated at all time in XYZ and not have that value change when i rotate around, basically I want objects in the scene to be able to track this point down no matter how I’m orientating myself,

I have been trying to get this working for weeks now (I’m learning Blueprint) and I always end up with strange issues, I’m getting pretty desperate, any help would be very much appreciated

Is this a good starting point?

Edit: By the way, i have no issues with getting the Camera Location Vectors and getting objects in the scene to track it, the HMD positional tracking is what i absolutely can’t figure out, i just don’t understand how the node works, i just want actors to know where my rift is and stare right at it no matter how i orient myself


Well i decided to use some debugging tools to see what the hell was going on

After some careful observations i have finally managed to get the proper position and rotation, now everything is tracking the HMD accurately even if i turn my head 180 degrees to face the actors, stand up or crouch, rotate the camera with the mouse, turn my head sideways etc

The HMD position origin is always located at 0,0,0 and the Position Vectors are not rotating with the HMD, meaning that if you turn your head 90 degree the axis are flipped and the Actors won’t track you properly, similarly when rotating the mouse the same thing happens

What had to be done was to rotate the position Vectors according to the HMD orientation and the mouse/camera rotation then subtract the distance from the HMD and the camera to get the proper target, some values had to be negated to fix an inverted rotation

This is the blueprint

I hope this was useful

the VR template from the other member have a good working “hmd location” too

Thanks knack ill check that out