HLOD (Proxy mesh) & Cull Distance

Hi! I ran into a problem about work HLOD and Cull Distance. After generation Proxy meshes I want change Max Draw Distance for proxy (It will be hide this proxy on big distance). But after change value “Desired Max Draw Distance” I no see results. In UE 4.20 checkbox “Never Distance Cull” is unchecked. Proxy mesh not disappear, in this time static mesh disappears (at the same specified distance as a proxy).
I verifide this in game-mode (key G), also standalone game and at the end I package the project for Windows, this all did not yield results. Maybe I missed something? Or is this a bug?
Please, help :frowning:
I think that this is a good way to optimize the game, but I don’t know what to do with this problem…

I understand that nobody did not receive this problem in work process?

Yes I would like to know if it’s possible too, Because the max draw distance do nothing on the proxy HLOD. My orignals static meshes use a max draw distance for example at 20000 unit, When I reach this distance, my level is less optimized than if I was culling the original mesh because the Proxy HLOD meshes are still here, and never disapear.

GreatSun did you find something in order to remedy to this problem ?