HLOD + Impostors

Hey, I’m currently experiencing with the HLOD and Impostors systems and I’m running into a problem when using the two combined.
I am using the Octohedral Impostors (, but since this version is for UE4.19 I use this updated version : who works with UE4.24.

Here’s my problem :
When I generate the Proxy Meshes of the HLOD using Impostors all the meshes of the cluster are regrouped at the position of the first mesh of the cluster list (their scale and rotation also seem to be reset).
This only happens when I use Impostors, everything stays at its location if I’m not using Impostors.

In the OriginalMeshes_POV.png picture the proxy mesh has been generated, we can see that the triangle count has been reduced to 28, meaning that the Impostors have been taken into account.
But in the HLOD_POV.png picture we can see that, when I turn on the HLOD preview, all the meshes are using their Impostors but they all stack up at the same location, and the big column have its scale and rotation reset.

All of my meshes have their Impostors working properly when not using with HLOD.
I’ve tried several HLOD Mesh generation settings combination but nothing seems to work.
I don’t know if I missed some settings or if the problem comes from the Impostor Material.